Multi-store support is here!

Now you can connect multiple WooCommerce Instances to a single CrossPeak account. This is great for companies with separate online retail brands for their varied products, but still manage them through the same call center, customer services staff or back office.

Conversio Integration

CrossPeak now Integrates with Conversio for Enhanced Receipts, Abandon Cart, Follow Up emails and Newsletters.

Keep Track of Future Demand!

With CrossPeak, you can now easily track all future orders, great for companies with subscription services or who allow customers to order ahead for Holidays. Future demand reports are also available for 3PL partners, call center access or any profile that would benefit from that data. Another innovation based on customer feedback. Contact us to have your feature added today!

White Glove Shipping Now An Option!

CrossPeak now supports White Glove shipping of large items through third -party providers, custom solutions or “our truck”. With options to ship UPS, FedEx, USPS, and now White Glove, Crosspeak has a shipping solution for nearly every business need.

Save Big with Our Rate Shopping Feature!

Rate Shopping for FedEx and UPS is now available in the Shipping Module!

CrossPeak can now assign shipping class based on the most inexpensive way to ship a product based on recipient location. This allows customers who use FedEx and UPS to ship a portion of their overnight or second-day air shipments ground depending on zip code proximity to the package source. For those packages that qualify, a cost savings of $12 to $20 per package is often realized. This is another way CrossPeak is delivering lower operating costs for our customers.

USPS and Integration Complete

We have completed the integration of USPS and into our shipping module. Now you can ship FedEx, UPS, USPS And More Shipping News coming soon!