Reship Orders Quickly and Efficiently with CrossPeak

Need to resend an order? CrossPeak comes with built-in features to make reshipping orders a breeze! With CrossPeak reships, you have the ability to: Easily create reshipments of any order. Simply select Create Reship from the order overview. Reship the full order or part of it, choosing the items you’d like to include. Document why… Read more »

Track Promotions with CrossPeak Reporting

CrossPeak allows easy tracking of promotion performance with its Coupon Usage reports. With CrossPeak reports you can: View the orders that used a specific coupon in a selected date range. View all purchases (including ones made using coupons) for a specified date range. Check the performance of your marketing partnerships, promotional landing pages, remarketing, and… Read more »

Create Recurring Revenue with Customer Subscriptions through CrossPeak

Offer your customers subscriptions to their favorite products with CrossPeak. Subscriptions automatically place customer orders at predetermined frequencies, creating recurring revenue for your business. With CrossPeak, you can: Create subscriptions with web sales or over the phone Offer different subscription frequencies such as every 2 weeks or every 6 months Set different prices for different… Read more »

CrossPeak’s Mailchimp Integration Makes Email Marketing Easy

Customer data is only valuable if it can be used. That’s why we designed CrossPeak to work effortlessly with the fastest growing email platform in the world, Mailchimp. With CrossPeak’s Mailchimp Integration, you can easily sync customer data for use in email marketing. Check if any of your CrossPeak customers are subscribed to your Mailchimp… Read more »

Keep Track of Future Demand!

With CrossPeak, you can now easily track all future orders, great for companies with subscription services or who allow customers to order ahead for Holidays. Future demand reports are also available for 3PL partners, call center access or any profile that would benefit from that data. Another innovation based on customer feedback. Contact us to… Read more »

Receiptful Integration Module Is Now Live

We have recently launched our Receiptful Integration Module!  This new feature shares data with Receiptful and pulls comments into the OMS that are tied directly to the customers and orders. Receiptful is a customizable receipt, abandon cart, and post-purchase interaction engine that is trusted by over 15,000 brands all over the world.

New Affiliates Module is Live!

We have completed development of an affiliates module for CrossPeak that tracks sales and commissions by affiliate partner ID ties them to customers and individual orders and the associated reports to track affiliate performance.

ShipStation Module Complete

We have completed our ShipStation module, that integrates many of the wonderful features of ShipStation with CrossPeak. With this module, you can ship with your favorite carrier, ship through multiple carriers and even ship using the lowest cost option. As we continue to improve CrossPeak, look for more new features!