Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What does the subscription cover?

  • High response hosting
  • Secure environment
  • Daily data backups
  • Server, security, and system monitoring
  • Real person technical support
  • Reserve hours of product support
  • Ongoing software and server upgrades
  • Continued improvements and new features

How long does a contract last?

All contracts auto-renew each month, but can be canceled with a 30-day notice.

Who owns what?

You own all of your client data and we own the platform, so all of your client information will be available to you. However, all order data and processing history will be lost after the 30-day free trial should you choose to discontinue using our services.

Why is data import charged separately?

Until we see a data file, it is impossible to estimate the cost of converting that data to work within the data structure of CrossPeak. For that reason, we must review the data file before we can estimate the importation costs.

What happens when my 30-day free trial runs out?

First of all, congratulations! After 30 days, you have fully immersed your business into our easy-to-learn and easy-to-use platform to help you successfully drive operational efficiencies throughout the order process. Unfortunately, if you choose to forego this incredible experience, all order data and processing history you’ve collected will be lost and your account will be locked. The good news is, you can continue using CrossPeak for a flat rate of 1.5% of company revenue.

What if I need more than what is offered in the standard plan?

If you need customizations like 3PL Partner support, call center integrations, or custom shipping, ask about our Enterprise Solutions.

What makes CrossPeak different?

Unlike other OMS products, CrossPeak is not a warehouse management tool. Instead, it is hyper-focused on delivering a connected customer experience after the sale through a permission-based workflow.