CrossPeak’s Mailchimp Integration Makes Email Marketing Easy

Customer data is only valuable if it can be used. That’s why we designed CrossPeak to work effortlessly with the fastest growing email platform in the world, Mailchimp.

With CrossPeak’s Mailchimp Integration, you can easily sync customer data for use in email marketing. Check if any of your CrossPeak customers are subscribed to your Mailchimp list, and simply subscribe or unsubscribe them right from their customer profile.

With Mailchimp’s advanced list segmentation you can:

  • Segment customers who ordered by phone
  • Organize customers by Point of Sale

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of syncing CrossPeak with your Mailchimp account.

CrossPeak Takes Care of High-Volume Shipping Needs

CrossPeak’s 3PL and Fulfillment Partners Plugin makes high-volume shipping easy.

  • UPS and FedEx integration makes shipping and tracking simple.
  • Partners can print packing lists, pick tickets, and shipping labels in bulk.
  • Have the ability to assign specific products and categories to different partners. Unique partner logins only allow partners access to their orders in the simple fulfillment view.

View our online demo or contact us today to see how CrossPeak can work with your fulfillment partners fast and efficiently.

CrossPeak Handles High Volumes of Online Orders

It’s been another great year for CrossPeak OMS. So far in 2018, CrossPeak has:

  • Successfully processed over 80,000 orders
  • Handled over 110,000 product transactions
  • Managed over $6,000,000 in order revenue

CrossPeak is a reliable and efficient solution for all of your WooCommerce order management needs. View the online demo or contact us today to learn more!

CrossPeak Helps You Have a Successful Holiday Season

CrossPeak will play a key role in a successful holiday season for its users this year. With the CrossPeak platform you can:

  • Handle a high volume of orders on the web as well as over the phone, and manage them all from one place.
  • Capture gift messages and select specific delivery dates so that personalized deliveries show up at the right times.
  • Monitor shipping statuses, print packing lists, and pick tickets for timely order fulfillment.
  • Capture demographic information to best serve existing customers and help in gaining new ones.

Check out the online demo or contact us to learn more!

WooCommerce: The Most Popular eCommerce Platform

If your business is selling anything online, WooCommerce is a great option. WooCommerce runs on WordPress, whose software powers over 25% of the internet. Check out these WooCommerce stats:

  • Over 51,000,000 downloads
  • Regularly audited by Sucuri – an industry leader in security
  • Runs on WordPress – one of the best platforms for SEO
  • Tons of selling options – physical products, digital downloads, subscriptions, content, appointments
  • Stores and developers from all over the world

CrossPeak fits in seamlessly with WooCommerce and can easily integrate with other technology (email marketing, marketing automation, payments, and shipping) so you can perfectly customize it for your business.

CrossPeak Helps Keep Your Customer Service Connected

CrossPeaks’ intuitive platform provides your customer service team the information and abilities to keep your customers satisfied.

Whether in-house or outsourced, representative can have completely separate access and visibility for their distinct workflow. This allows representative to quickly access the information that’s most relevant to them, and no more.

Customer and fulfillment notes allow representative to quickly have the information needed to fully understand the customer’s purchase history and prior correspondence.

Access to transaction and shipment history, as well as ongoing subscriptions and upcoming invoices, allow representative to manage everything from returns and refunds to modifying subscription levels and frequencies.

View our online demo or contact us today to see how CrossPeak can be integrated into your business.

CrossPeak helping many different types of online retailers be more efficient.

Managing millions of customer records and millions of dollars in new orders each year, CrossPeak has proven that it is a great solution for many types of businesses.

This SaaS solution has been a great fit for more than just traditional hard good retailers, but for any business that needs to service customers and fulfill orders.

Current clients include the following verticals:

  • Professional Certification & Training
  • Gifting
  • Medical Devices
  • Delivery Logistics
  • Licensing
  • Hard Goods

Transaction Alerting Module

The transaction alerting email module can send out emails like order confirmation, invoice, ship notice, delivery, return created, and return completed – all automated by account activity. This ensures a consistent inbox brand experience regardless of how the customer interacts.

Courses module is complete.

Sell courses and roster students with Woo and manage those courses and rosters in CrossPeak. Whether you are selling Webinars, Online Course, Offline Courses or Seminars, CrossPeak can help you manage the course after the sale or sign up new students who call your call center or office.