CrossPeak Helps Keep Your Customer Service Connected

CrossPeaks’ intuitive platform provides your customer service team the information and abilities to keep your customers satisfied. Whether in-house or outsourced, representative can have completely separate access and visibility for their distinct workflow. This allows representative to quickly access the information that’s most relevant to them, and no more. Customer and fulfillment notes allow representative… Read more »

Transaction Alerting Module

The transaction alerting email module can send out emails like order confirmation, invoice, ship notice, delivery, return created, and return completed – all automated by account activity. This ensures a consistent inbox brand experience regardless of how the customer interacts.

Courses module is complete.

Sell courses and roster students with Woo and manage those courses and rosters in CrossPeak. Whether you are selling Webinars, Online Course, Offline Courses or Seminars, CrossPeak can help you manage the course after the sale or sign up new students who call your call center or office.

Blackout Dates Module!

Manage when your products are available for delivery and, most importantly, when they cannot ship. Blackout holidays in advance or emergency days when weather or other logistical challenges interfere with fulfillment.

Multi-store support is here!

Now you can connect multiple WooCommerce Instances to a single CrossPeak account. This is great for companies with separate online retail brands for their varied products, but still manage them through the same call center, customer services staff or back office.

Conversio Integration

CrossPeak now Integrates with Conversio for Enhanced Receipts, Abandon Cart, Follow Up emails and Newsletters.