The New Normal Has Arrived—Help Your Business Thrive

COVID-19 has forced small and large businesses to rethink their selling strategies. Many businesses have added an eCommerce component to their model, or have had their pre-existing online business boom.

A booming business is great, but huge growth in a short period of time can leave businesses unprepared. Without a solid order management system, orders can get lost in the hustle, shipping can be delayed, and customer service can suffer.

Here are a few questions you can ask to evaluate how well your orders are being managed:

  • How is your business keeping track of what orders have shipped?
  • Is your business able to notate and track issues customers have with orders?
  • Can your customer service representatives quickly find orders for customers?
  • Is your business able to easily reship full or partial orders if needed?

If any of these questions brought up issues for you, consider using an order management system like CrossPeak OMS. CrossPeak OMS is built to handle large volumes of orders. It has everything an order management system needs in one place. Try the online demo to explore more.