The Core

“The Core” includes all of the order and customer management functionality that most companies need to service, support and manage orders of virtual and flex inventory products. Our easy to use interface makes learning the Core easy and fast. Ready to scale using the very latest SaaS technology, CrossPeak OMS™ is modular architecture that is designed to grow with you as you grow. With robust reporting CrossPeak OMS™ provides keen insights into products and customers.

Built for


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Only pay for the functionality you need – and not the functionality that you don’t.

Customer Service

Your customer service team will have access to everything they need to treat your customers well, without access to critical order and product data.

Call Center

Call centers love us! Training is easy, so agents spend less time training and more time handling calls. The intuitive interface is fast and easy to use reducing handle times and increasing customer satisfaction.

3PL and Fulfillment Partners

The 3PL Partner module enables pick and ship by multiple fulfillment partners. They login and only see their orders. Integrated with UPS and FEDEX we make shipping and tracking easy.

Point of Sale (POS)

Take Orders and Accept Credit Cards on your tablet or notebook anytime, all you need is an internet connection. Great for Trade Shows, Conferences or Onsite Customer Visits.

MailChimp Integration

Automatically sync your customer data with MailChimp for use in email marketing and on-site marketing automation. Keep track of customers who ordered on the phone or at POS using MailChimp’s advanced list segmentation.

QuickBooks Integration

Share order data between the OMS and Quickbooks to save time and ensure accuracy.